Nick Mosca



I'm employed as a quality improvement manager at a health clinic in New Orleans. I know that getting customer experience feedback is a helpful way to understand how we influenced our patient's health. Therefore, I wanted to share my own experience as a customer at the Tulane Medical Center Multidisciplinary Prostate Cancer Clinic.

In just one visit, you meet with a multi-disciplinary team who help you understand your cancer and your treatment options. Sitting face to face with different health experts at the same visit really helped me understand the different ways my prostate cancer could be managed and know what to expect from my care. The team gave me options to consider and told me what it's going to really be like. I was confident in my decision about what course of care to pursue.

I chose to have robotic surgery with Dr. Louis Krane and was comfortable with all the health professionals involved in preparation for surgery and post-operative care. I had little discomfort after surgery and recovered quickly without complications in a matter of weeks.