• Jackie (Jacqueline) Brown



    High blood pressure and obesity were limiting Jackie Brown's life. At more than 350 pounds, Jackie struggled getting in and out of her car and bending over to tie her shoes. She had bad eating habits and didn't get out much to enjoy social events, especially since she didn't like seeing how she looked in photos of herself at parties.

  • Devyn Dominick



    Growing up is full of challenges, and is even harder when you're overweight. After struggling with her weight in her teen years, Devyn Dominick decided to take action.

  • Irenita James

    weight , weight


    It’s hard to enjoy life when you’re feeling unhappy and out of energy. Add in joint and back pain with poor sleep at night, and day-to-day tasks become even harder. Extra weight was causing health and emotional challenges like these for Irenita James, so she decided to take action and do something serious about it.