• Nick Mosca



    In just one visit, you meet with a multi-disciplinary team who help you understand your cancer and your treatment options.

  • Richard Tullier

    bladder , urology


    Richard Tullier, 74, is working and thriving again, following surgery at Tulane Medical Center to treat his kidney cancer, detected as a result of a routine dental appointment.

  • Anonymous  



    I am a male in my 30s, and a former military/combat veteran who now works in law enforcement. In 2018 and 2019, Dr. Mulcahey performed arthroscopic surgery on both of my shoulders, and both surgeries were a complete success.

  • Evie Rome

    spine , spine


    After falling at church, Evelie Rome knew something was wrong. As the pain got worse over the next days and weeks, she also knew something had to be done.

  • Ginger Duease

    stroke , stroke


    Avid runner and sports enthusiast Ginger Duease hopped out of bed bright and early one Sunday at her home in Gulfport, Mississippi. She had returned from a relaxing vacation with friends the night before and was ready to get back in the gym and resume training for her next Spartan Race, a challenging obstacle course race that requires both physical and mental strength to complete tasks such as running, mud crawling and wall climbing.

  • Elizabeth Shiple

    blood cancer


    Family is the most important thing in the world to Elizabeth Shiple. It’s why she moved from her native Colombia to New Orleans in 2001. It why – when she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2015 – her brother didn’t hesitate to volunteer and donate his stem cells for transplantation.

  • Sam Barham

    blood cancer , blood cancer


    A lifetime coach and educator, Sam Barham has influenced countless youths throughout his career, encouraging them to overcome obstacles, to work at difficult tasks and to never give up on goals. Those life lessons imparted to others prepared him for his greatest challenge – being diagnosed with leukemia in October of 2016.

  • Ricky Sebastian



    Thanks to a motorcycle accident – and overuse from his lifelong drumming career – Ricky’s right shoulder was injured and painful. He had surgery to repair a rotator cuff tear. A few years later the pain returned, as his body had rejected the hardware used in the earlier procedure. Ricky then sought out the expertise of Dr. Michael O’Brien, shoulder and elbow surgeon at the Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine.

  • Gabrielle Nave

    endocrine , robotic , robotic


    For much of her young life, Gabrielle Nave has battled illnesses. At age 10, Gabrielle was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma, a cancer in her bones. She often had imaging scans of her bones to see if the cancer was returning or spreading.

  • MarieClare Powell

    esophagus , esophagus


    Sister MarieClare Powell was a generally healthy 90-year-old, enjoying her golden years and active lifestyle living in Mississippi. But for about two years, she frequently felt nauseous and had to eat cautiously, being careful of the amount of food she ate.

  • Jackie (Jacqueline) Brown



    High blood pressure and obesity were limiting Jackie Brown's life. At more than 350 pounds, Jackie struggled getting in and out of her car and bending over to tie her shoes. She had bad eating habits and didn't get out much to enjoy social events, especially since she didn't like seeing how she looked in photos of herself at parties.

  • Devyn Dominick



    Growing up is full of challenges, and is even harder when you're overweight. After struggling with her weight in her teen years, Devyn Dominick decided to take action.

  • Charlotte Kirsch

    esophagus , robotic


    Charlotte Kirsch enjoyed a full, active life with her family and kept busy working in a retail position. With her grandson nearby, she was often spending time with him. Charlotte had never smoked, and although she had high blood pressure, she was otherwise healthy.

  • Irenita James

    weight , weight


    It’s hard to enjoy life when you’re feeling unhappy and out of energy. Add in joint and back pain with poor sleep at night, and day-to-day tasks become even harder. Extra weight was causing health and emotional challenges like these for Irenita James, so she decided to take action and do something serious about it.

  • Alexis Resendez

    endocrine , robotic


    A trip to the emergency room revealed a mass in Alexis' chest near her thyroid gland, and she was referred to Dr. Emad Kandil, chief of endocrine surgery at Tulane University School of Medicine.

  • Frank  


    Thank you for your courtesy and consideration which you so generously gave during my eye procedure. As you can see, I was in considerable discomfort with my arthritic back and your understanding and response in helping to relieve this was most appreciated.

  • Billie Findlay

    cto , cto


    As someone whose life has been guided by her deep faith in a higher power, Billie Findlay was only a little surprised when a recent health scare took her on a journey that seemed to be sprinkled with drops of divine intervention.

  • Sue  


    Thank you so much for all your help with my dad. The hospital from the doctors down really went out of its way to fix the situation, and I can't tell you how much my mom and I appreciate it. My dad was able to have a second, successful procedure done and we are hopeful that he might begin recovery in the near future.

  • Anonymous  

    In 2002, I was placed on dialysis because of kidney failure due to Lupus. At first, I only needed dialysis for a few weeks because my kidneys started to work again. But then in June 2004, I had another lupus flare-up and was placed back on dialysis again but this time I wasn't so lucky—it was permanent. I remained on dialysis for 2 years.

  • Paul  


    Our family was taken care of by a fantastic nurse who was always caring and helpful to our family. Her care of our loved one was the greatest.

  • Bill West

    Like most people, I've had moments in my life when I found myself grateful for my experiences. My gratitude involves good health, a great family, an education, and the fortune to be born and raised in a great country. My concept of gratitude changed after receiving a liver transplant in May 2004 at Tulane's Abdominal Transplant Institute.

  • Patsy  


    My husband and I want to thank you from the warmth of our hearts for the extraordinary skill and care you gave him, not once, but on numerous occasions. Your genius for detecting cancer cells and your persistence in finding the malignant tumor in my husband at first shook our world. But looking back, we know that the diagnosis you gave came early and gave us a chance to fight.