Bill West

Like most people, I’ve had moments in my life when I found myself grateful for my experiences. My gratitude involves good health, a great family, an education, and the fortune to be born and raised in a great country.

My concept of gratitude changed after receiving a liver transplant in May 2004 at Tulane’s Abdominal Transplant Institute. The transplant extended my life and gave me the opportunity to live a “normal” one—free of the liver disease that would have eventually taken mine.

In addition, I came to realize how many people truly cared for me and were pulling for a successful transplant and recovery. This outpouring of support and love was overwhelming and helped me through the long wait time, the surgery, the unexpected complications, and the recovery period.

How does one express gratitude for a life changing event like this? Yes, words and letters of thanks to my family, friends, and caregivers were exchanged. But I wanted to do more—something to help others who faced life-threatening illnesses and organ transplants. My choice was to endow a professorship at Tulane University that would provide funding for research in abdominal transplants.

Tulane is Special

From my first visit, I knew Tulane was a special place. Every caregiver—the people in support services, nurses, my team of doctors—treated me with respect and made me feel they truly cared about me. What especially impressed me about Tulane was its team-based approach that provided a holistic view of my care plan. It gave me great confidence that all aspects of my case had been taken into account and that I was receiving the best possible care.

Tulane doesn’t treat patients as numbers but considers each individual’s special circumstances. Where most hospitals would have ruled me out as a transplant candidate, Tulane accepted me and welcomed me into their program. I will be forever grateful for that.

Forever Grateful

 Your donation will make a difference. Cycling has taught me whenever I come to a hill or mountain, I mush push on, inch by inch, until the challenge is conquered. I faced liver disease in the same way. Your gift doesn’t have to be a large amount to make a difference. Each dollar gets us closer to our goal.

Not only will you feel good when making a gift but you will assure that Tulane University continues to provide the best possible care and services to others.

Thanks to the people at Tulane, I am back on my feet, and my bicycle. I am grateful that they are doing their best to improve your health and quality of life. As a grateful patient, family member, or friend, please consider giving your gift now.