Bill S.

I can't say enough good things about my recent experience with the Tulane Multidisciplinary Prostate Cancer Clinic team.

A basic summary: Great people providing prompt, courteous services, impeccable academics, cutting-edge science, effective diagnostic and treatment options, in a surprisingly convenient setting, all with a caring, humanistic approach.

But it gets better. Whether you are seeking primary providers or a second opinion, your visit consists of three meetings with three doctors in one afternoon. What an innovation! No running back and forth from specialist to specialist. Their explanations were clear and understandable, and they answered every one of my many questions. They even gave me after-hours access for those questions I didn't remember to ask. I felt very confident in their quality of care during every step of the process.

Here's my bottom line — I diligently pursued the best possible options for diagnosis and treatment of my prostate cancer among a number of doctors, and I put my life in the hands of the doctors at Tulane Medical Center. Any man facing prostate cancer should strongly consider adding the Tulane Multidisciplinary Prostate Cancer Clinic to his team.