Editor’s note: Due to the nature of this patient’s work, he asked that we not share his identity. But his experience with Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine was so positive, he asked that we share his story.

I am a male in my 30s, and a former military/combat veteran who now works in law enforcement. In 2018 and 2019, Dr. Mary Mulcahey performed arthroscopic surgery on both of my shoulders. I had a labral tear in each shoulder that also required a biceps tenodesis to prevent future damage to my shoulders.

Both surgeries were a complete success.

Dr. Mulcahey was very involved throughout my recovery process. She was conducting regular check-ins with my physical therapist to monitor my progress, and I even saw her a few times in the physical therapy clinic. Above all, she truly cared about me as a person and my recovery.

I have since fully healed in both shoulders and have been able to return to full duties with no limitations. Additionally, I was able to return to my hobbies with no limitations. The only modifications I have had to make involve working out. I had to replace certain exercises with ones that place less stress on the shoulder, and I have built some of the physical therapy exercises into my warm up.

Without hesitation I would recommend Dr. Mulcahey and the Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine. My family and I will go back to see Dr. Mulcahey for any orthopedic needs.