The women’s sports medicine team at the Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine draws from the expertise of multiple specialties and health professionals. You’ll meet with an orthopaedic surgeon with specialized training and experience in treating female athletes. This doctor will assess your condition and work with other specialists as needed to design a treatment or management plan just for you.

Did You Know? Sports psychology can help athletes cope with the pressure of competition and performance, recover from injuries, improve their performance and better enjoy their sport.

Depending on your needs, your team might include these professionals:

Physicians who specialize in orthopaedic surgery may work with other specialists and health professionals to diagnose and treat your conditions.

Our nurses are trained and experienced in working with active women. They can help you understand your condition and treatment options and ensure your clinical needs are met.

A physical therapist can help you recover from injuries or surgery and improve your mobility, function and performance.

An athletic trainer works with doctors to help prevent, identify and treat injuries, provide emergency care and improve athletes’ performance.

An sports performance specialist can design an exercise program for your specific needs, and can help you improve your overall fitness and health.

A nutritionist can help you design menus and meal plans for your specific needs, and also works with teams and groups to educate them about nutrition and healthy eating.

A sport psychologist can help you cope with the pressure of competition and performance, deal with the effects of an injury, overcome an eating disorder or other issue, or handle athletic career transitions.