Living Donation

Donating an organ is one of the greatest gifts we can give to a loved one. Blood relatives, spouses, close friends of the transplant recipients or altruistic donors are all potential heroes. Living donor transplantation is possible because we are born with two kidneys and can donate one or because the liver has the ability to regenerate and we can donate a portion. This is a serious decision, however and potential living donors undergo extensive medical and psychosocial evaluation before donation to ensure their safety and well-being.

The donor’s medical expenses related to the evaluation, surgery, hospitalization, and immediate postoperative care are covered by the recipient’s insurance company. If any problems arise in the future directly related to the donor surgery, these are covered as well.

We require potential donors to contact our office and identify their interest in pursuing donation. After initial screening, all donors must meet with both our social services staff and psychiatric consultants.

Becoming an organ donor

Transplantation would be impossible without the generous gift of life given by organ donors each day. There remains a tremendous shortage of organs as thousands of people wait - and die - on the list for a possible transplant. One donor can save the lives of up to 9 people. To learn more about organ donation and becoming a donor in Louisiana, please refer to the following links:

LOPA-Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency:

Our local, federally-designated organ procurement organization which is responsible for facilitating the organ donors in this state. Their educational and outreach programs have led to increased organ awareness. LOPA Website

Legacy One:

A local, not-for-profit organization which is entirely focused on education and outreach to increase organ donor awareness. Legacy One Website