The Tulane ENT/Otolaryngological Clinic provides expert care for a wide range of conditions affecting the ears, nose, throat, head and neck. Our doctors understand the disabling effects ENT and allergy conditions can have on a patient's overall quality of life and use the latest technologies and treatments to improve your quality of life.

Our ENT surgeons have tremendous experience with minimally invasive, robotically assisted surgeries, which can result in less pain, smaller scars, minimal blood loss and faster recovery times when compared to traditional surgical techniques.

Tulane Health System also offers neurotology services, a subspecialty of ENT that focuses on neurological disorders affecting the ear.

Services &Treatments

  • Ear aches
  • Acute or chronic sinusitis
  • Diseases of the larynx
  • Voice and swallowing disorders
  • Post-nasal drip
  • Tumors of the ear or hearing nerve
  • Unexplained headaches
  • Head and neck cancers

In addition to our downtown New Orleans location, the Tulane ENT/Otolaryngological Clinic is now also providing services in Metairie at the Tulane Lakeside Multispecialty Clinic. To schedule an appointment at our Metairie clinic, 4720 S. I-10 Service Road W., please call (504) 988-8050. To schedule an appointment at our location within Tulane Medical Center, please call (504) 988-5451.