Injury Prevention, Treatment and Outreach

School sports help young people stay active and fit while they build relationships and learn about teamwork, achieving goals and sportsmanship. Keeping them safe and at the top of their game is a primary focus of the Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine.

Our certified athletic trainers, physicians and other professionals specialize in taking care of athletes, and we’re experienced in working with students, coaches and parents. We serve many New Orleans area high schools, as well as all Tulane University athletes. Together, we provide:

  • Medical coverage for football home games
  • Daily or weekly injury clinics onsite at schools with certified athletic trainers
  • Physician coverage for many home events
  • Walk-in clinics for high school athletes Wednesday afternoons throughout the year and Saturday mornings during the fall sports season, no appointment needed
  • Seminars for coaches and student athletes
  • Seminars for students interested in sports medicine
  • Free annual high school sports physicals

Come Back Stronger

Preventing injuries is better than treating them, which is why we work with coaches and athletes to keep them aware of the risks and how to avoid injuries. When an injury does occur, we work to get the athlete back in the game as quickly and safely as possible and in top form. We also make sure he or she knows how to lower the risk for future injury. We draw from all the technology and resources of Tulane Health System to diagnose injuries and create a treatment and rehabilitation plan tailored to the athlete’s specific needs.

Setting and Keeping the Standards

Our team members have worked with the Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA) and others to help shape state policy regarding student participation and safety in sports and return to play after an injury. The state requires a detailed medical history evaluation before sports participation and lays out requirements immediately following an injury and for returning to play after one. Concussion prevention and management is a major focus, especially for certain sports. Learn more about the Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine.

Member Schools

The following high schools and universities have partnered TISM to help keep their student athletes safe and healthy:


High Schools

For more information about athletic trainer services, physicals and partnership opportunities, please call (504) 940-8012.