An Advance Practice Nurse (APN) is a registered nurse with a graduate degree in advanced practice nursing. APNs provide a broad range of health care services, including taking the patient's history, performing a physical exam, and ordering appropriate laboratory tests and diagnostic procedures. It also includes diagnosing, treating, and managing acute and chronic diseases, providing prescriptions, coordinating referrals and promoting healthy activities in collaboration with the supervising physician. APNs will evaluate patients in collaboration with a physician and are an integral part of the Abdominal Transplant Team. They provide patient care in the hospital and the clinic setting. Transplant Advance Practice Nurses facilitate care throughout the transplant process by collaborating with the physicians and surgeons and other team members in all aspects of the patient care. They provide specialized care for patients with liver disease, patients referred for consideration of transplant, candidates on the waiting list for transplant, as well as for recipients after transplant.

Advance Practice Nurses at Tulane:

April Zarifian, DNSc, APRN, CNM 
Inpatient Kidney and Liver Transplant 

Ron Stein, JD, APRN, NP-C 
Inpatient Liver and Kidney Transplant 

Lauri Hengl, APRN, FNP-BC, CCTN 

Ward Miller, MSN, ACPN-BC
Hepatology and Liver