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Maria Alejandra Valenzuela-Arellano, MD

Maria Alejandra Valenzuela-Arellano, MD

Associate Professor, The George Haik Sr./St. Gile Foundation Chair Alejandra A. Valenzuela, MD, joined the faculty of Tulane University School of Medicine, Department of Ophthalmology, in February 2011. Dr. Valenzuela completed four different fellowships, two in oculoplastics, lacrimal and orbital diseases. Her other fellowships include Pediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus and Pediatric Ocular Oncology & Retinoblastoma. Dr. Valenzuela is able to provide a comprehensive management of patients with eyelid, lacrimal and orbital diseases with her main areas of interest being orbital and ocular adnexal tumors, systemic disorders with orbital/eyelid involvement such as Graves disease and other autoimmune conditions, periocular trauma, eyelid malpositions and malformations, facial paralysis rehabilitation, reconstruction of the anophthalmic sockets, and lacrimal and outflow disturbances in children and adults.

Oculoplastics & Periocular Eyelid Reconstructive Surgery

Orbital & Lacrimal Diseases/Surgery

Orbital & Ocular Adnexal Oncology