Direct Access Colonoscopy Screening Process

Who meets criteria:

  • Patients over age 50
  • African American patients over 45
  • Patients with family/personal history of colon cancer
  • Patients with personal/family history of adenomatous polyps
  • Transplant workup patients

Referral packet checklist:

  • Recent H&P
  • Patient demographics
  • Initiate referral in eCW (internal)
    • Place in outgoing referral
    • Select gastroenterology
    • Assign endo coordinator:
    • Place in “Open” status
    • Select screening colonoscopy
  • Physician order (external)
  • Labs < 1 year
  • EKG < 1 year
  • Cardiology notes (if applicable)
  • Referring MD name/phone #/fax #

Next steps:

  • Patient will be scheduled for PAT, if indicated
  • Procedure and bowel prep will be ordered by GI Provider
  • Patient will be notified to confirm appointment at 7-day and again at 2-day prior to procedure.
  • Bowel prep instructions will be provided to the patient by the Endoscopy Coordinators.
  • Internal referrals will be notified at the completion of the procedure via eCW.
  • Operative Report will be faxed to the Referring Physician.
  • Patient will be notified of biopsy results by the GI Fellow.
  • Biopsy results may be viewed in Meditech.

Tulane Medical Center
Endoscopy Department
1415 Tulane Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70112
Endoscopy Coordinators:
(504) 988-0979 / (504) 988-0978