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Tulane Clinics moving appointments from Tulane Medical Center Campus

To help reduce the spread of respiratory illnesses and reduce the number of people entering the hospital, some of the Tulane Clinics located on the downtown Tulane Medical Center campus have temporarily shifted some services to other locations.

Patients with appointments that are being moved to other locations are being contacted directly. If you have any questions about your appointment, please call your clinic—all clinic locations will remain open and staffing phone lines during normal business hours. Additionally, we are exploring telemedicine options to allow our patients to make virtual visits with our Tulane Clinic physicians.

What can I expect if I have to go to the emergency department at Tulane Medical Center?

You may have concerns about visiting the emergency room during the current health crisis in our community. At Tulane Medical Center, we are taking many steps to keep both you and our colleagues safe in the event you or a loved one have a health emergency.

If you are experiencing a life-threatening health emergency, call 911 immediately.

We’re taking every precaution to keep you safe. These precautions begin before you even step into the emergency department. If you come to our emergency room, an experienced ER staff member will greet you. He or she will ask if you are having any respiratory problems or a fever.

You will see that all patients and ER staff wear masks. And we have rapid testing capabilities that let us know in minutes if a patient tests positive for COVID-19 – further protecting our patients and staff by keeping COVID patients separated from other patients.

The symptoms you report when you first get here determine the area in which you will be treated. We have an area of the ER that is reserved for everyday patients that come in with broken bones, chest pains or other non-respiratory symptoms and conditions. We are keeping these patients separated from anyone with respiratory conditions.

Not sure if you need to visit the ER? Try our Tulane Care Navigator, a tool to help you decide if your condition requires an emergency room visit or if a virtual visit with a healthcare professional is a better option.