Tulane Medical Center - March 14, 2022

As the school year winds down and temperatures heat up, kids everywhere are getting ready for a summer of fun at camp. From day camp to sleepaway camp and from art camp to sports camp, one factor remains the same: parents need to make sure they're asking the right questions to find out if safety, medical and emergency protocols are being followed.

Here are three questions you should be asking your child's camp director:

  1. Are you American Camp Association (ACA) accredited?

    Camps that are ACA-accredited meet industry-accepted and government-recognized standards for policies, procedures and practices. The ACA helps educate camp owners and directors and ensures that the health and safety of workers and campers is upheld.

  2. What is the ratio of staff to children?

    For day camp, the ACA recommends one staff member for every six campers ages four and five, one staff member for every eight campers ages six to eight, and one staff member for every ten campers ages nine to fourteen.

  3. What training does the staff receive?

    The safety of your child is paramount; find out if the staff has been trained in CPR, fire safety and first aid. This is also a good opportunity to learn about the camp's level of emergency preparedness and how they will notify parents in case of an emergency.

Summer camps are wonderful environments for children to learn, grow and have fun; however, safety always comes first and asking the right questions up front could help you avoid a problem down the line.