Tulane Medical Center
February 06, 2013

Tulane Medical Center has further solidified its commitment to the well-being of patients with the installation of a low dose, high definition CT scanner at Tulane-Lakeside Hospital. Tulane-Lakeside’s GE Healthcare’s Discovery CT750 HD with Veo* technology is the first high definition CT scanner of its kind in the state of Louisiana and the Gulf South. It provides low dose radiation technology with improved image clarity keeping in line with Tulane’s broad spectrum of state-of-the-art diagnostic tools.

“This new technology offers the ability to perform conventional CT scans, as well as, vascular CT angiograms,” said Harold Neitzschman MD, chairman of Radiology. “Patients will have less exposure to radiation and physicians will benefit from the greater clarity of the images,” Neitzschman said. This new low dose, high definition CT scanner helps physicians more clearly visualize anatomy in order to deliver informed, accurate and confident diagnoses.  This is particularly important for Tulane Medical Center – as the bulk of its cancer patients undergo a higher number of CT scans, many of them children. 

The new Veo* technology reduces exposure to radiation by up to 50% beyond the limits of conventional CT scanners while providing unprecedented image quality. “When we can deliver patients a more comfortable experience using minimal radiation while providing our physicians with the best technology available we are reaching our goals as a healthcare provider,” said Sherry Pinero, Tulane-Lakeside’s associate vice president.

Tulane Medical Center is committed to providing leading-edge, life saving technology by investing in advanced medical and surgical equipment. In addition to the Discovery CT750 HD with Veo* technology, Tulane Medical Center utilizes a variety of high tech diagnostic tools, including: 3-D Mammography, an advanced mammography imaging system that enables doctors to see extremely detailed images of patient anatomy that require exact precision; daVinci Si Surgical System which offers the latest minimally invasive surgical treatment today; O-arm® Surgical Imaging System a multi-dimensional surgical imaging platform that is used in spine and orthopaedic surgeries.

* Veo is a trademark of General Electric Company