What should you do if your child has a fever and cough? If you hit your head and it won’t quit hurting? If you have a mole that has begun to change color?

Free health advice from registered nurses is now just a phone call away, thanks to Tulane Nurses On-Call, a new service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“We’ve all been in situations where you or a loved one has a health concern, and you aren’t sure if you should visit an emergency room – especially if there is an incident afterhours or on weekends, and your doctor’s office isn’t open,” said Jana Stonestreet, Tulane Health System’s chief nursing officer. “And it’s hard to know what information to trust on the internet.

“That why we’re excited to offer our community instant access to experienced registered nurses who can help people make good, informed decisions about their health.”

Tulane Nurses On-Call can also assist patients in finding primary care and specialist physicians and provide information about hospital services available within Tulane Health System. Patients can receive information about and register for hospital classes and events by calling the help line, as well.

To speak with a registered nurse now, call Tulane Nurses On-Call at (504) 249-7675.