Tulane Medical Center
October 13, 2016

Dr. William Lunn, president and CEO of Tulane Health System, has been named to the Louisiana Emergency Response Network’s governing board.
The Louisiana Emergency Response Network (LERN) is an agency of state government created by the Louisiana Legislature in 2004 charged with the responsibility of developing and maintaining a statewide system of care coordination for patients suddenly stricken by serious traumatic injury or time-sensitive illness (such as heart attack and stroke). It is a system also designated to serve as a vital healthcare resource in the face of larger scale emergencies and natural disasters.
The LERN board serves to develop, implement and support a statewide network of emergency response entities to provide access to care in an efficient and coordinated manner. According to statute, the LERN board is comprised of 28-members, including two members from the Louisiana House of Representatives and two members from the Louisiana Senate. The remaining 24 members are gubernatorial appointments.
Dr. Lunn was nominated by, and will serve as the representative of, the Tulane University Health Sciences Center.
“My background is in critical care medicine, and one thing I discovered very quickly was the importance of timeliness when treating critically ill or injured patients,” Dr. Lunn said. “I’m both honored and privileged to be a part of the LERN board, where I can assist in finding best practices that ensure patients get to the right healthcare facility as quickly as possible.”