Tulane Medical Center
February 27, 2019

Dr. Kendra Harris

The number of treatment options facing patients with prostate cancer can be confusing and daunting. And the number of different appointments required to explore those options is time consuming and inconvenient.

Until now.

Tulane Health System recently created the Tulane Multidisciplinary Prostate Cancer Clinic, which brings patients and family members together with medical oncologists, urologic surgeons and radiation treatment specialists to discuss all possible treatment options in one convenient visit. 

“We’ve assembled the most experienced and busiest prostate cancer treatment team in the Gulf South region,” said Dr. Spencer Krane, a urologic surgeon at Tulane Medical Center. “We want to share this expertise with patients and families who need us. And we want to try and take away some of the stress of an incredibly stressful time.”

The new clinic is for patients who have received a prostate cancer diagnosis and would like to review all possible options or discuss a second opinion of a current treatment plan.

“And we know that waiting can sometimes be the most difficult aspect of the treatment process, so it’s important that one of us sees any patient who calls within 48 hours of that inquiry,” said Dr. Kendra Harris, a radiation oncologist at Tulane Medical Center. “From there, we can arrange a more in-depth evaluation with the entire group.”

The physicians from all three disciplines will meet with patients in one, convenient setting. They will also monitor and discuss all cases in weekly reviews. A patient navigator will coordinate any needed follow up appointments or tests, as well as coordinate any education and support group needs.

“And patients will have access to the world-renowned care provided throughout Tulane Health System,” said Dr. Pedro Barata, a medical oncologist at Tulane Medical Center. “That means not only the latest, most comprehensive treatment options, but also access to cutting-edge clinical trials.”

The Tulane Multidisciplinary Prostate Cancer Clinic is located within the Tulane Cancer Center. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call our clinic coordinator at (504) 988-2342, or visit Tulane Healthcare.