The new Tulane Health System Neuroscience Center is open and caring for patients with brain, spine, and nervous system conditions in one convenient location on the fifth floor of Tulane Medical Center.

Disorders of the nervous system can affect the entire body and threaten a patient’s life or independence. Treatment and management is likely to involve many different healthcare providers and multiple specialties. The Tulane Neuroscience Center now provides access to all neuroscience specialists in one location, providing easy, quick access for patients and caregivers alike.

“The Tulane Neuroscience Center uses a personalized patient-centered care model,” said Dr. Aaron Dumont, director of the Center for Clinical Neurosciences at Tulane University School of Medicine. “Our team of specialists collaborate with each other and work with patients and their families to create individual care plans that focus on achieving wellness through the use of technologically advanced equipment and medicine.”

“That process is now much easier to accommodate with neurology, neurosurgery and stroke experts all working in the same physical space.”

Located in the heart of downtown New Orleans, the Tulane Neuroscience Center brings together neurologists and neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists, physiatrists, advanced practice nurses, physician assistants and more.

The Tulane Neuroscience Center works in partnership with the Tulane University School of Medicine’s Center for Clinical Neurosciences, where Tulane physicians train many of our nation’s neurosurgeons and neurologists. Because the Center is part of an academic medical center, patients have access to clinical trials and innovative new treatments.

The Tulane Neuroscience Center’s specialists care for children and adults with neurological conditions or injuries such as stroke, migraines, brain tumors, movement disorders, brain aneurysms, spine disorders, epilepsy, memory disorders, and more.

The neuroscience team draws from all the resources of Tulane Health System to meet patients’ needs in a caring, supportive environment. Tulane Medical Center has state-of-the-art neurosurgical equipment, neurointerventional radiology and specialized imaging equipment, as well as a dedicated Neuro Intensive Care Unit.

“We have one of the most respected neuroscience teams in the region, and they are committed to advancing care for patients at Tulane – in our community, and beyond,” said Dr. William Lunn, president and CEO of Tulane Health System. “Having our team members all in one location allows easier access for patients, faster consults between physicians and, most importantly, better continuity of care for patients.”

The Tulane Neuroscience Center is conveniently located at Tulane Medical Center just off I-10 in downtown New Orleans. We offer patients free parking in our garages or free valet parking. For an appointment or more information call, (504) 988-5561 or visit us online at