Women who have mammograms at Tulane Medical Center (TMC) now have the latest diagnostic technology available to them, digital 3D mammography, also known as digital breast tomosynthesis. TMC is the first healthcare provider in the Gulf South Region to feature the state-of-the-art Selenia™ Dimensions® digital breast tomosynthesis system from Hologic™.

Digital breast tomosynthesis converts digital mammographic images into a stack of very thin layers, building what is essentially a 3-dimensional mammogram. “Breast cancer screening with tomosynthesis is the newest and most exciting development in breast cancer screening for the general public,” said Tulane radiologist Cynthia Hanemann, MD. “It allows me as a radiologist to examine breast tissue a millimeter at time, unlike a flat image produced by typical 2-dimensional mammography,” Hanemann explained.

3D Mammograms can be used for annual screening or as a diagnostic tool to further investigate areas of concern found in a 2-dimensional mammogram.

“2D images of overlapping breast tissue produced from conventional mammograms can sometimes give the illusion of an abnormal area and require women to return for more diagnostic testing” said Hanemann. “With 3D breast imaging the thinner slices mean there are fewer false positives and fewer women will have to face the stress and anxiety of diagnostic testing to find out that everything is normal.”

In addition to offering superior mammography technology, TMC offers the convenience of online scheduling for self referred annual mammogram screenings. Patients can choose between a standard digital and a 3D mammogram for their yearly screening. For online mammography scheduling, patients can visit TulaneHealthcare.com and click the “Pre-Register” button.